each little universe

Chris DurstonSouth West of England Tell us about your bookcase The bookcase I have at the moment has a long and storied (heh) history… in that, I bought it from IKEA. It’s the first one I’ve owned since my other half and I got our own place, though, so that’s kind of special. I didContinue reading “each little universe”

Silence in the Library

Alexander SigsworthBassetlaw Tell us about your bookcase This is the bookcase I’ve been using since childhood. I’m told it was bought from Fosters For Furniture while I was at a Sunday school Christmas party. The ideal is a whole library/reading room with a nice armchair. I can spend whole evenings looking at galleries of readingContinue reading “Silence in the Library”

seven nights at the flamingo hotel

Drew Gummerson Leicester Tell us about your bookcase This is one of seven bookcases I have. This one is squashed, along with three others, into the tiny upstairs front room. The room is so small I couldn’t get far enough away to take a full-length shot. I have dreams of the whole room being filled withContinue reading “seven nights at the flamingo hotel”

‘be excellent to each other’

Stephen BairdDarlington, North East England Tell us about your bookcase If we ignore the IKEA Billy (though they really are great for what you need them for-books) we have a couple of great oak bookcases with cupboards at the bottom which holds all our chocolate, then there are two older bookcases both of which cameContinue reading “‘be excellent to each other’”

resources for humans – Kayleigh Tucker

Kayleigh TuckerDevon/Manchester, England Tell us about your bookcase I actually have two, I have one with my all-time favourites back home and the one in my flat is mostly business with some pleasure. The one in Devon I couldn’t tell you where it came from, it’s something that I remember having all my life –Continue reading “resources for humans – Kayleigh Tucker”

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